The 14 Tips For A Perfect Day

Hey hey hey everybody!  Today, I've whipped up a small list for y'all--don't worry, it's a fun list.  ;)  I've been thinking about how much people these days claim to have such "bad days"--and let make me something clear, I'm not saying they're being dramatic or they're wrong, because we do all have bad days.  Anywhosies, hearing it/feeling it so often, it kinda got me to thinking about a possible blog post...  So, I'm sorry if this isn't quite a good enough list for y'all, but it was kind of last-minute as I've been slightly more than busy lately *whoops*

Alrighty!  Let's get on with it!

~Checklist For A Perfect/Happy Day (check it off as you go!)~

1.)  Go To Bed Earlier.  <-- and I mean it.  Unless you're actually busy and/or working, you have no real reason for staying up past midnight every night.  And staying up late every night means getting up late, which means....grumpy.  :/

2.)  Get Up Earlier.  So, as I said....if you go to bed late, you're getting up late.  BUT, go to bed early, and you're more inclined to actually get up early!  And it's great!  It really is!  Getting up earlier, knowing that you have even more time to be productive and get stuff done, genuinely makes you a happier person(well, I mean, I don't know for sure about y'all, but it certainly does make me more happy!!).  ;)

3.)  Say Your Morning Prayers.  It may sound like a silly tip, but there used to be many times where I'd just find myself a little too busy first thing in the morning and would manage to forget my morning prayers.  But, making sure that you're saying at least a small prayer of thanksgiving for another day each morning, actually helps(and maybe if you're afraid it's gonna be a rough day, pray for guidance and strength).  Trust me, it really does help.  <3

4.)  Actually Get Dressed For The Day.  Okay, yes, I'll admit it, being a homeschooler has it's perks.  And one of those perks happens to be the fact that we sometimes get away with remaining in PJ's all day long.  BUT, getting dressed in a cute outfit, can actually help boost your motivation to get things done for the day!  Which results in....happy days!  :3

5.)  Drink Water.  The whole "drink at least 8 cups of water" actually does wonders, trust me.  I didn't used to drink much water, but I recently started logging how much I was intaking, and the days that I make 10-12 cups of water are 100% my happier days.  It just makes you happy to know that you've made the standard 8 cups, and getting over that makes you even happier(if you're anything like me that is, haha).  ;)

6.)  Greet People.  This may sound like a really odd tip, but lately I've realized that when I actually get up and greet each family member with a "good morning," it makes me feel happier.  Maybe its just because sometimes greeting family/others like that makes them happier as well...(???)  In any case, it's definitely made my start to the day nearly perfect.  :)

7.)  Smile.  I don't mean fake smiles and fake laughs every so often, I'm talking about real smiles, real laughs.  Just smile, make yourself happier, and make yourself want to smile more often.  :3  Your smile is contagious, trust me.  If people are anything like me, when they see someone genuinely smile at them, it makes their day the bestest!  <333

8.)  Laugh.  Same as smiling, no fake ones please.  ;P

9.)  Healthy Eating.  I don't know about y'all, but when I say no to junk foods, I immediately feel good about it.  And that makes me happy.  :)

10.)  Exercise.  Even if it's just getting up from your desk and walking around it a few times, it still counts.  Exercising gets your blood going, and that will help to boost your motivation(once again, depending on if you're like me or not xP ).  And motivation makes you happier, right?  ;)

11.)  Forgive & Forget.  Even if it's just with siblings, or maybe with the customers you deal with at work, or maybe even your coworkers, it doesn't matter!  You need to be willing to forgive and forget with EVERYONE.  Having silly little things on your mind all day that worry you/make you sad/angry is gonna make you a much less than happy person to others around you.  Take it from someone who's had really strict/rude customers, it's not worth dwelling on after they're gone.  What you need to be willing to do, ALL THE TIME, WITH EVERYONE YOU ENCOUNTER, is to simply forgive them, and try your hardest to forget it all.  It will make the day so much easier for you, plus it will make you happier.  Because, knowing that you have the kindness to always forgive makes you a happier person.  <3

12.)  Admit Your Faults.  It's just the same as number 11, but opposite.  I mean, wouldn't you want others to forgive you as well?  If you're the one who accidently got angry at someone, you need to apologize, accept the fact that you've made a mistake,(--that everyone does & will eventually make mistakes--)and make up for it.  Just apologizing in general should make you feel better.  Because that means that you're such a kindhearted person, that you're willing to admit that you were in the wrong.  And admitting that, should actually make you feel better about everything.  And feeling better about stuff leads to making yourself happier.  <3

13.)  Lift Up An Extra Prayer From Time To Time.  Yes, I know that you're busy.  Trust me, I get involved in lots with work and school and sometimes forget to say an extra prayer for the day. But if you're having troubles with being happy(or just with anything!), just ask for help/guidance.  What I like to do in between things at work is offer up a Hail Mary for a good day.  :3  And it really does help, I assure you.

14.)  Have Fun.  Obviously, yes, be yourself.  Don't pretend to be something you're not.  But, having fun isn't something just for those people who are bubbly and outgoing--it's for everyone.  And let's be honest, when people make something fun, it gets you to smiling, then to laughing, and what does that result in?  Happiness.  <333

Bonus Tip: Do Something Extra.  Whether it's doing a chore for one of your siblings who's a little too busy & may have forgotten, paying for something for someone, offering up your place in line for the lady behind you with crying kids, making something for someone, bringing chocolates to work for everyone, or even just offering up a prayer for them, it's a great thing to do.  And it makes the day all the better, trust me.  <333

And that's it!  These 14(well, 15 if we're counting the bonus one...) little things have made my days the best, and I hope that they help make yours the same!  So, if you'd like, I suggest checking off what you do and don't do, and the ones you fail to do, make a goal to start them(honestly that's what kinda got me started on all of this).  It should work.  ;P

Always remember to smile, and be happy!!  <333

And as a another little extra for y'all, I'm including quite possibly the most inspirational, happiest, CLEAN song that is absolutely 100% my go-to motivational feel-better song!!  It's called "Have It All" by Jason Mraz.  Enjoy!  <333

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

<3always: Emily

**Side note: The day that I wrote this post, I was in a bit of a hurry, because I had to get to work....well, I just had to let y'all know, that I kept all these tips in my head the entire workday, as well as just did my overall best to play them out, and you'll never guess what happened.(???)


Honestly, I don't know how, but I legit had the most amazing day ever!--I had absolutely zero angry customers, zero angry coworkers, and all I kept getting from people were compliments, "thank you's," smiles, laughs, and overall happiness.  {And let me just say that the bonus tip is certainly one to keep in mind  ;)  Bringing chocolate to work for everyone will never fail to put everyone in a good mood to match yours}  I'm not saying for certainty that these tips just magically made me have a great day, but doing them made me happier for sure.  (:

Just had to throw that out there.  ;)


  1. Great reminders! I will definitely keep these in mind!

    And your work story is so cool! (Do you work in a grocery store?)

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I'm glad you liked them!! :3

      Aww, thank you!! Chocolate never fails, haha! ;) And, no, actually, I don't. I work at Chick-Fil-A. (: It's so great working in a Christian environment... <333

  2. Great post, Emily! Remind me to find out where you work, 'cause chocolate sounds amazing :D

    1. Thank you SO MUCH, Lacy!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed my post!! :DDD Hahaha!!! XD I work at Chick-Fil-A, lol. xP

  3. This is awesome! Thanks for the great tips!!!!!!! :D

    1. Of Course!! Hopefully they helped! :D Have a BLESSED day!! <333

  4. You lucky homeschoolers .��

    Great tips!! Great blog, Em!

    1. Haha!! XD

      Aww, thanks, Tzietel!!! I'm so happy that you liked 'em! Oh yes, this blog is AMAZING!! The other authors are perfection at it's best!!! You should really check out some of their posts! :D <333

    2. Yessss!!! They are really are so good!!


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