It's The Little Things...

Hey hey hey everybody!  Hope y'all are doing fantastic!  Today is gonna be a super fun post! Because...….

……...I have a surprise for you all!!!!

*drumroll please*


*wait for it*


Yay!!!  National Do Something Nice Day!!!  <3333

So, instead of writing a super long post about kindness(yes, I did think about it), I've decided to go with the second choice. Which iiiisssss……..

Something for y'all to join  me in!  Kind of like a challenge--there ya go!  Think of it like a challenge!--a "Be Nice" Challenge.  xP

So, all you gotta do is this: do something nice for someone today.  Even if you only get one thing done, it doesn't matter.  It counts, it's the thought that counts the most actually.

And then afterwards, leave a comment below and share your kind act for the day!

And just because I feel like this post needs at least a short ramble, I'm gonna write a little thing on kindness.....(bear with me!)….:

I just want you all to keep in mind that kindness is an admirable quality in anyone.  But especially as young Catholic women, we should be genuinely kind.  We should always be ready with a smile for those who are frowning upon us, always have a forgiving heart, respect, and genuine kindness for those who are rude to us.

That's my favorite thing to do, actually.  When I have angry guests at work, I smile at them as they walk away even though they frowned, turned around and speed-walked out of the store.  And, I try not to dwell on the people who are like that.  Because some people are just like that. And that's all there is to it.  And sometimes all they need is to see someone respect, forgive, and be nice to them to show them what they are doing wrong.  Sometimes, that one person who genuinely smiled at them is the person that changed their entire outlook on people, their day, their life....

So, just kinda keep that in mind today, and try to do a kind act.  I'm sure most of you already do,'s National Do Something Nice Day!  Do something EXTRA. Do something extremely nice for someone today.  And have FUN!!!

^^This one is so good!^^

^^^I LOVE this one!!!^^^

^^^And this one!!!!^^^

Alrighty!  I hope y'all have enjoyed this post!  Now, go do something nice!  And don't forget to comment!!

Happy Friday, y'all!

<3always: Emily