Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer

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I. . . Honestly have no idea where to start with this.

(and before we go on let me just say that this isn't a movie review, just some thoughts of mine after watching this movie)

If you consider yourself a pro-life person, you have to watch this movie. If you're worried about it being graphic, don't. I saw it two nights ago, and it was not graphic at all.

But that doesn't mean that you won't be utterly horrified and disgusted.

As I'm trying to collect my thoughts, I just want to laud the actor who played Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Every time he appeared on screen, I felt chills of disgust. He was able to portray just how sick Dr. Gosnell was.

I have so many thoughts swirling in my mind right now but the only one that I can articulate clearly is Why? 

Why is it that it's acceptable to MURDER innocent young children?

People might advocate for the woman's right to choose. But that baby didn't choose to die.

The baby girl who will never grow up to be a woman didn't get the right to choose.

But I'm straying a bit off topic here.

What Dr. Gosnell did was at the height of human depravity.

What any abortionist does is at the height of human depravity, but what he - What Dr. Gosnell did should make any person feel sick. Even if they are the biggest abortion advocate.

Nothing justifies the murder of a child who was born.

Nothing justifies the murder of a child in the womb.

And the fact that the media wanted this movie censored PROVES that what this movie shows is TRUE. It SHOWS that they know that abortion is WRONG. Because they don't want people to be EDUCATED on the true horrors of abortion.

What also fills me with horror and disgust is that we used to pass by one of Dr. Gosnell's clinics when we used to go to a church up north. And we were still living there when it was still in operation. Just thinking of that makes chills run up and down my spine. I am not ashamed to admit that I slept clutching a rosary.

And one last thought to leave you with. One of my friends on Instagram posted something on their story that said how the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant, and nobody dares to be the person to say that it's a fetus, not a baby.

Think about that.

This baby, just because it is going to be born royalty, has been recognized from the second it was conceived as a baby. EVERY SINGLE BABY DESERVES THAT.

And so my lovely ladies, go see Gosnell. Show your support for the truth.


Here's the trailer


  1. Truth...

    I don't understand it, I really don't. I don't get //how// people will ever //think// they can justify abortion....it's so sad....

    Great message, and great post, Ceci! <3

    1. It is! This movie really showed you how depraved some people are!

      Thank you Em <3

  2. Wow, so true. I completely agree with Em - I just don’t understand. It’s a great tragedy of our time.

    My mom’s super into pro-life stuff, so maybe I’ll suggest this movie to her!

    1. It truly is! And you wonder what this says of our nation.

      You should!! I would recommend seeing it!

  3. My brother asked me if I was going to see this in theaters. I originally told him no, because quite honestly, the whole thing concerning Dr. Gosnell made me very sick to my stomach and I wasn't sure if I was going to handle it.

    Seeing the trailer now, I'm rather intrigued......for one thing I didn't know the investigator was Catholic (kudos to him) and that this movie has been called for censorship. SHAME on liberals!

    Catherine <3

  4. I saw it with a group of pro-lifers that I’m involved with and it was an amazing movie. Turns out that my parents contributed to fund that movie!

    What surprised me the most was how recent it was and how his clinic was as dirty as his house. I kept expecting graphic pictures but I was glad there weren’t any. I encourage anyone and everyone to watch this movie!

    Thanks for spreading awareness!

  5. Great post, Ceci!! Thank you for sharing. My parents went to go see it. I thought it might be too disgusting for me so I haven't watched it yet. Never-the-less, it is so so imprtant that people know about this. I loved your tangent thoughts too. God bless!!


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