Hey friends!!

The other day, I was singing a song in my head and then it switched to a different song because they had the same word.  Do you know what that word was?

There are many songs and quotes, actually, that tell us to believe.

(Here are a few of my faves.)

Of course, there's also the Macy's campaign that shows up every Christmas season.

But what are these things telling us to believe in??  Ourselves... Magic... Fairies... True love... Dreams... Santa...???

As Catholic young women, we learn where to put our trust and Who to believe in.

Ultimately, we are helpless, sinful creatures who wouldn't even be here if God hadn't created us.  Therefore, believe in Him and He will show you your true purpose.  He will make everything work for your good.  He will help you achieve things greater than you could have ever imagined.  He will work miracles in your life for His glory.  We just have to put all of our trust in Him!!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!! 💜


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