6 Reasons Why You Should Read "A Noble Masquerade" by Kristi Ann Hunter

Well if that title didn't make you run for the hills, I'm going to share some reasons why you should read this amazing book.

I did the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and I challenged myself to read 50 books that I have never read before. This book was my favorite.

Now, what is "this book"?

This awesomesauce book is called A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter. It's her first "official" book to her Hawthorne House series (there is a short novella before this but it isn't about any of the Hawthorne siblings). Each book of the series deals with one of the Hawthorne siblings and this one is about Lady Miranda Hawthorne, the eldest Hawthorne girl. (the sibling order is Griffith, Trent, Miranda, and Georgina)

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This book has something for everyone (and I'll have to review it on my blog soon). Spies, balls, kidnappings, amazing sibling relationship, secret identities, great female characters, treks through the English countryside, fist fights (*snickers*), amazing quips. SERIOUSLY GO GET IT.

And somehow the audiobook makes it even funnier. (funny story: I was listening to it and doing some work around the house and I kept laughing so my family gave me the "Okay-so-she's-insane" look.)

But if you are still not convinced (*clicks tongue* why are you wasting time and NOT READING THIS BOOK), here are six reasons why you should read A Noble Masquerade.

1. It's historical fiction

If you are like me, and you sorta wish you were born in a different century, then you'll love this! A Noble Masquerade makes it feel like you're in the Regency period along with all the other characters.

Hunter pays great attention to detail and everything seems so life-like. If the characters are in a ball, then you feel like you're there too. If the characters are trying to make a pot of tea in the middle of the night, you almost run into things too.

2. The characters are amazing

All the characters are AMAZING. If you have read any of my book reviews on my blog, you'll know that one of my pet peeves is when a secondary character ACTS like a secondary character. Luckily, we do not have this problem. Even though we only really follow Miranda and Marlow (I almost gave away his name which, although you see it coming, is still kinda spoilerish), the other characters are fleshed out. Even though Georgina seems shallow and selfish, if you read the next book, you read the reason behind her motives and the things she does in A Noble Masquerade makes more sense.

3. It has a great message

This may be one of my favorite parts. Miranda is approaching her 4th season (so if she came out when she was 18 she would be about 21/22-ish). In Regency England, she was approaching spinsterhood (the horror) and less and less men seemed to be interested in her.

Yes, she has gotten some offers but Miranda refuses to accept unless they love her, and not her brother's power (her brother is a duke so.....). And even when our swoony hero appears on the scene, there's a time when it seems like nothing is going to go right. But Miranda doesn't pout or cry or mope. She accepts that maybe God's plan for her is not to marry.

She makes peace.

So much literature lacks this and I was really happy to see this because I (as a single teen girl living in the 21st century) can relate to.

4. It has romance


And I love romance

I really love this romance

So yes, this romance is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo swoon-worthy. So if you love romance like me

read this

5. It's hilarious

You almost wouldn't expect this from this book but I don't think I've ever laughed so much while reading a book. Miranda's head is so interesting to be in and *hero* has a wry sense of humor that is hilarious.


This book is funny

The banter is amazing and I wove witty banter

6. The writing is great

For those of you who like amazing writing, Hunter's writing style is like light and yet not light at some points. Her writing is really good.

So there are 6 reasons why you should read A Noble Masquerade. Trust me, you won't regret it. I think it's my favorite book right now and I have a SUPER hard time choosing favorite books.

And now to pique your interest, some quotes (all these come from Goodreads because I [sadly] don't own a copy of this book [yet])

“A Lady never sits on the floor.' A lady probably wasn't supposed to crawl on her belly through the dirt either.” 

“He looked like a pleasant gentleman and he irritated Georgina, so Miranda was inclined to like him.”

“The journey across the study carpet took forever. Did time seem slower to anyone else? "Lady Miranda," he said, executing a slight bow. Miranda's fist connected with his nose.” 

“She stood in the middle of the room, wringing her hands, trying to hold back the tears and losing the fight. Yes, she had been mad at him. Yes, she had wanted to cause him bodily harm. But she hadn't wanted him killed!” 

“Next time he pretended to die, he would do so on his stomach. It would be much easier.” 

“It is never a happy day when an eight-year-old girl's cheesecake lands in the dirt, and she certainly doesn't take kindly to the laughing little boy who put it there.” 

“Sticking her tongue out at a piece of paper was the definition of useless, but it made Miranda feel better anyway.” 

“If you'll excuse me, I have an alternate personality to resume.”

“It was a rare man who could effectively threaten a bloke and tease a brother in the same breath.” 

So I hope that I've convinced you to read this book, because it's realllly worth it!

God bless,



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      (it's also really hard for me to talk about it without fangirling xDD)

  2. Looks interesting!! I'll have to look into it! Thanks, Ceci!

    1. It isss!!! You'll have to tell me what you think of it!!

  3. I've read this book and the novella that comes before it, and it's one of my favorite historical romance books :) Great review, Ceci!

    1. Aaah, yesss, I think that A Noble Masquerade, A Lady of Esteem, and An Inconvenient Beauty are the best ones of the series. Lol, I'm glad to have found someone else who loves this book!!


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