25 Ways To Be A Happy Teenager

Hello! I know I haven’t been the best lately about keeping up with my posts but I want to make an effort now since I missed the other day. I find all of the things listed very helpful and encouraging to us girls so I hope you take something away from this too.

*Know, love and serve God.
*Know that you are precious and that God loves you.
*Set high standards for yourself.
*Smile and laugh a lot.
*Love and respect yourself.
*Love and respect other people.
*Walk, talk and dress modestly.
*Choose your friends carefully and do things in groups.
*Have fun and enjoy being a teenager.
*Think positive and concentrate on your good points.
*Care about people- reach out and help them.
*Communicate with your family and friends.
*Listen to adult role models.
*Pray and go to church.
*Count your blessings and be grateful.
*Be choosy about your dates.
*Be patient- you deserve the best!
*Save the gift of yourself for marriage.
*Stay away from bad situations.
*Avoid temptations- persons, places or things.
*Stay away from drugs and alcohol.
*Remember that you are valuable, rare and very precious.
*Treat yourself that way.
*Know that God loves you and has a special plan for you.
*Believe in God and trust Him to guide you. He cares!

God bless! -NaomiF


  1. <3 <3 I needed this today. Because being a teenager is HARD. School has been pounding like never before and I’ve just been feeling really overwhelmed lately. Thanks, Naomi.

  2. Good advice, Naomi! I love how it's sweet and to the point. I have learned (and still am learning) many of these things. Of course doing all of these things doesn't guarantee perfect happiness in this life. Nothing can. In fact, we may get push-back or ridicule for doing some of these things. But these are all wonderful things that will help us gain the most perfect happiness that will last forever and ever in the eternity of Heaven!! God bless you!

  3. Beautiful advice, thanks for sharing it.


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