Hello Weekend

Ah!! The weekend!  Happy Friday, friends!  I know many of us look forward to these days when we're done with homework (at least for the most part) and we can use some free time as we wish.  I found these beautiful images that help illustrate a productive and delightful weekend.

Friday and Saturday in my home are typically chore days to prepare for the weekend activities.  As much as I didn't like doing chores as a child, now there is some sort of delight in this accomplishment.  It feels so great to have a clean house and then you are free to invite friends and family over (with your parents' permission, of course) to a warm and inviting home.

We use some weekends to complete a house decorating project as a family or I do one by myself in my room.  Hanging a picture, crucifix, or pulling out seasonal decorations is always fun and refreshing.

My family doesn't usually sit around and read, but sometimes we'll listen to an audio sermon, watch a movie, or tell stories about our day before praying the family rosary.  It's always great to spend quality time with your family.  As my sister and I get closer to "flying the nest," I think we all appreciate this time together more.

On Sunday, it's time for Mass.  We all get up and pile in the van at 9:00am (no sleeping in today!)  Mass is the most beautiful way to start the new week and end the weekend.  I love sitting in the pew with my family as we pray the Mass together.  After Mass there is always fellowship with friends and we often go out to brunch at a restaurant or someone's house.

Don't forget to make prayer part of your weekend!  Sometimes I find it hard to fit prayer in when we're cleaning the house all day Saturday and then spending time as a family on Sunday, but it's still very important.  Often times, I stay and pray after Mass to thank God for His blessings.  Even before Mass I like to go into the church or chapel to prepare for Mass and meditate.  

One other fun thing I try to make time for on the weekends is writing letters.  I have a few pen-pals and I always love receiving their letters.  The weekend is a good time for me to sit down and write back to them.  I usually do it in the afternoon or evening when some members of the family have a siesta! 😉

What does your weekend look like?  Do you have exciting plans or do you like to stay home and relax?  Whatever you do, remember God is always with you and watching over you!  God bless you my friends!! ❤


  1. Me reading: "get in the van at 9:00:am, no sleeping in today!"

    I wish!

    Sunday mornings for me consist of getting up at 5:30:am, being in the car by 6-6:40: ish , and regular mornings are getting up by 6:15:--7:00: at the latest *insert monkey covering eyes emoji*

    1. Oh wow!! That is much earlier! God bless you!

  2. Weekends at my place are pretty much like yours. Except that the chores take place on Saturday and they usually are pretty heavy....like yard-work, cleaning out the garage...that sort of thing.

    And I don't really sleep in on Sundays either - I have to leave my house by 8 am in order to make it for choir practice.

    Lovely post, Sarah!


    1. Yep! We do most of our chores on Saturday, depending on what's going on that weekend.
      God bless you and have a great weekend!


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