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Cheers everyone! I just arrived back in the US after a trip to Scotland for the Fringe festival and what an adventure! Seeing a new country for the first time was such a great experience but also a learning curve for me. I went with my theatre group to watch some incredible performances but also to see what Edinburgh had to offer. First the people there are very different from us in the way they talk, eat, travel, and their attitude towards the environment. The Scottish accent is very drawn out and thick if they are natives but they also use some new words we don’t. As for food, they are fond of many different sausages and eggs for breakfast, soup and sandwiches for lunch, afternoon tea with scones, and classics like fish and chips or shepherds pie for dinner. When we would stop to eat, around every corner was a cafe or local bakery which were so fun to try. Getting around is pretty easy because you can use buses, trams, or taxis to get to your destination but especially walking is the way to get around. The people there walk so much it makes me realize how much I could be using my legs instead of hoping in a car. This leads me to how much they try to do for the environment by recycling everything they can and putting bins all over. They also encourage people to walk, bike, or take a bus to limit the amount of cars driving about. It was just inspiring to see and makes me want to try better and encourage others to do the same! On another note, I really learned how to live with others because we all stayed in a apartment together. You really have to respect each other but also find a sense of community and learn to have conversations with new people. There is so much history you can learn by visiting a different country and pick up a few tricks along the way. I hope everyone has a chance to discover new roads in their life because there is so much beauty God created out there! I know I want to see more again! I guess Greece will be expecting me next..........


  1. Welcome back Naomi!!! Your trip sounded like SO MUCH FUN!!!!! *coughyoubetterhavetakentonsofpicturescoughcough*

  2. Welcome back!!! And WOW, that sounds awesome!!! I want to go to Scotland one day....Maybe someday!

  3. Great post!! That sounds like an awesome trip! What's the Fringe Festival? You're making me want to travel to Scotland! :D So glad you had a great experience.

  4. Thanks everyone! First I did take tons of pictures, and second the Fringe Festival is this huge theater festival that is held in Edinburgh, Scotland every year and you can see shows from all over the world! It's not just theater though you can see music, comedy, spoken word, children's shows, magic, and much more too!

    1. Oh wow! That sounds amazing! I'd definitely like to see that. :D


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