The soul isn’t the only thing you need to nourish

The soul as we know needs to be fed with prayer, sacrifice, and the Eucharist but where does your soul reside? In your own body! Now we can’t physically see it but it’s still there and if it’s there then we should take care of its housing. Nutrition is probably one of the most talked about topics today but with so much being discussed it can be confusing and hard to navigate what you should do. Our bodies are all different and each one requires special attention so we should determine what we eat by what our body needs. For example I have found that my body doesn’t like a big dumping of gluten or the fact that I’m allergic to raspberries. I have also found that popcorn can clog me so I only eat it if I absolutely want some. Everyone is of course different so it’s important to first find what your body doesn’t like or can’t handle. With that in mind you can now begin to explore what your body needs to stay active and alive. Our mom’s have always told us to eat those vegetables and you know she’s right so start trying them! Fruits are the best natural sugar we can have and come with a variety of vitamins to boost us. Protein is best from fresh grass fed meat and wild caught seafood plus enjoy those free range eggs! Now I’m not saying gluten and grains will kill you but they are best only consumed from good raw grains and fresh homemade breads. Raw or grass fed dairy is much more beneficial to you because it contains more probiotics and bacteria. The more raw, fresh, and natural food you consume the better your body will be and our souls will be better for it too. God put our souls in our incredible bodies so we shouldn’t let them slide or abuse them. It’s important to take care of our whole selfs so that we can better glorify our Creator. When we put good food in we feel good about doing it and we avoid feeling bad about what we’re eating. No one said you couldn’t splurge once in awhile but when you do, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just enjoy every bite! Now I’m off to enjoy my Starbucks peach tea and hop on a plane to DC but enjoy the beauty of real food and life!



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