Organization At Its Cutest!

Hey hey hey everybody!  I hope y’all have been having a fantastic start to the month! And I know that y’all are probably either already done with the school year or getting near there.  Anywhosies, I have some tips for desk organization nonetheless. ;) not quite just organization,’s how to organize and keep your desk really cute. Alrighty, let’s get to it!

#1) Organizing the drawers:
     A) little things like paper clips and various pieces of string, rubber bands, and etc, if they cannot be thrown out, get small mason jars and organize the items in separate ones, like this:
(Mason jars like this are available at practically anyplace like Target or Walmart)
Then just line them up on your desk:

      B) Or, if you don’t want your small things like that in sight, get a cute desk drawer organizer like this:

(You can find desk organizers practically anywhere, as well....though, some really cute ones are available at Target and World Market!)

Or, if you’re like me and you prefer being able to adjust things to your desire...if you do think like this, then I recommend getting small containers and fitting them together in your drawer, like this:

(Some cute adjustable drawer organizers can be found Here )

     C) Now, then, with organizing that drawer.... start with placing small unnecessary things together(such as paperclips, string...) in one of the small compartments.

     D) With pens and pencils, make sure you place those together as well.

Really, it all depends on how accessible you need certain things, and etc...etc...etc... ;)

#2: Organizing Papers/Notebooks: 

     A) start with getting a cute file organizer:

(Now these ones at Wayfair are pretty expensive...but, you can find just as cute on Amazon.)

(This one, for example,...)
     B) Organize the plain papers together.

    C) organize school notebooks together.

     D) and make sure to keep the writing notebooks together. ;)

    E) if you still have the  room, and if you’re a homeschooler like me, you can even keep the school-papers together(scheduling papers/grading averages....etc...etc...)

#3: Clean Cute Desk:

    okay, here comes my favorite advice. ;)

     A) Get a cute candle for your desk—if you have room on your file organizer or windowsill or something, put it there. But, make sure you actually light it every so often! Cute candles can be found everywhere, practically.  But, the dollar-section at Target is probably the cheapest, and surprisingly some of the cutest. ;)

    B) Get a mason jar. If you’re like me, the pens and pencils in the drawers don’t last long. So, when you’re finding that the pens are ending back up on your desk, get a mason jar, and start setting them in there rather than leaving them  lying around. ;)

     C) And, Get a plant. A succulent or a flower or something. If you’re not into planting/gardening, I recommend getting a fake succulent—because it actually looks real, plus it’s super duper cute! ;)

(You can find fake succulents practically anywhere as well—Target, TJMaxx, Michaels, World Market....) And real succulents are fairly simple to find as well. ;)

 And, if you are into planting/gardening, then get a cute planter box:

And that’s about it! Cute, simple, feminine... :) hopefully y’all enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! ;)

Happy Friday!

<3always: Emily


  1. Wow, this post is right up my alley! I love it girl!! You're the best!

    1. Aww, thanks Mia! You're too kind! <333 so glad you liked it!!

  2. This is a super cute and inspiring post!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Im so glad you think so! <333

  3. (I could have sworn I commented on this....)

    Whenever I go to getting the last details for my room reno, I'll have to keep these options in mind - I love cute little organizers!

    Awesome post, Em!


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