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Hey everybody! Just thought I`d do a quick introduction since this is my first time posting. My name is Giselle Faber. I am a Traditional Roman Catholic homeschooled teen who LOVES to write, read, and be random. Well, I don`t exactly love being random. That just sort of happens. Anywho, now that that`s out of the way, let`s get down to business.
I had a hard time deciding what to write about for my first time. Two very different things decided that for me. One was my first day of work. The other was a random song that popped up in recommendations when I was browsing around YouTube.

Picking out my clothes the night before my first day of work was an agonizing task. That`s natural enough, one would say. Who doesn`t freak out over what to wear? Everybody wants to make a good first impression, especially with those they will be working with and for. But for me, it was a little different. You see, the job was working in a greenhouse at a plant nursery. Hard work that demanded sturdy clothes. For most people, that would mean jeans and a t-shirt, or maybe shorts and a tank top to combat the oppressive heat inside the greenhouse. The selection of clothes spread over my bed was hardly jeans or tank tops though. No, I had a lovely collection of denim skirts and modest, button up shirts set out. But inside of me an internal battle was raging. I knew what it felt like to have people look down at me for the modest way I dressed. But this was different. This was my first job! I was going to be associating with people on a scale I wasn`t used to. Going into work four times a week to have people, whether coworkers or customers, make snide comments about the way I dressed just didn`t look appealing. I forced myself to make a selection, however, and the next day I walked into work with my head held high. Two of my older sisters had worked in the same place and both of them had dressed in the same manner. Chances were that I would end up wearing plenty of the same clothes they did since a lot of my clothes are hand me downs from them. One of my sisters was called "Church Girl". Not the most flattering moniker. They had survived, though, and so could I. What I`m getting at here though, is this: there are always going to be people out there who will make fun of you. Be it the way you dress or talk or act, your religion, your family, your background, whatever. There is always going to be someone to make a snide comment or cast a disparaging glance that makes you want to disappear. But you know what? That doesn`t matter. Because that`s just who you are. If they can`t accept that, then that`s their problem. Not yours. And that brings me to the second thing that inspired this post.

Although I have yet to see the movie The Greatest Showman, I did listen to a couple of songs from it. And I have to say that one of them made a huge impact on me. The song is titled "This is Me" and has a very powerful message. A message that I was happy to receive at that particular time. I was still struggling with the fact that I was going to run into people, possibly quite often, who didn`t approve of me, like me, approve of the way I acted or dressed, etc. My brain just didn`t want to accept that, for some odd reason. But listening to that song a couple of times really helped me get over it. Because I accepted the fact that that was just who I was and how I was. I am a Traditional Roman Catholic. I am homeschooled. I am pro-life. I dress differently than most people. I act differently. I talk differently. But this is who I am. This is me. And from now on, I am going to try very hard to accept that and be ok with it if other people don`t. Besides, who wants to be just like everybody else anyway? God made me who I am. And now it`s up to me to accept that not be afraid to let other people see me for who I am.

Hopefully this post has helped you if you are having a similar problem. I think we all struggle with how other people see us at one time or another in our life, especially during our teen years. Just remember that you are who you are. You are beautiful and special and one of a kind. So don`t you dare ever let anyone make you think otherwise!!

Thank you for reading this! Hopefully you got something out of it! :) God Bless!!




  1. For the record, I had the same fears when I started working in agriculture (I wear denim skirts over jeans and a modest t-shirts). To my surprise, I really haven't had that much trouble with people making fun of my dress (at least to my knowledge). I'm sure you'll be fine, Giselle - just stay strong!!

    "Church Girl", at least to me, is a compliment in disguise! It's like calling someone a "prude" - most think that's insulting, but in reality you're calling the person really prudent!

    "This is Me" is so inspiring! I dearly love that song (and that movie :) ).

    Awesome post, Giselle!


    1. Thank you, Catherine! I responded to this comment before but for some reason it didn't show up. But thank you for your kind words!! :)

  2. LOVE this post, Zelie! <333 This is definitely something I think all us Catholic ladies should be agreeing on. It's a point of view that we should all acquire. So inspiring! Way to go, girl! I needed to hear this. Thank you! <33333

    And welcome to M4M! <333 ;)

    1. Aww, thanks, girl!! You`re too sweet!! <333 And thank you for showing me this amazing blog! It`s great here!! <3333

  3. Great post Zelie!!! <33


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