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If it's today, and it's now, and you're looking at this blog post, you are probably procrastinating. And if I'm looking at this post and wondering if there are any new comments, I am definitely procrastinating. We all do it. We all fall into the procrastination trap from time to time. And the more you put off that paper or that test, the harder it is to get off of Pinterest and do the work. Sometimes I just waste my whole day "taking breaks" or "just checking one thing on my email" or "just finishing this one chapter" (procrastinating).

How do you just get started? How do you just do the work you have to do?

Well it's easy to tell you how, but it's not easy to actually move the mouse to click the little red exit box on the open browser window, get up, find your books, sit down at a desk, open the books, and focus your brain on memorizing history dates.

But it's gotta be done. Because you don't want to be where I am (i.e. cramming for biology in the middle of July) and because it's your job.

Think about that for a minute. What's your mission - what's God's Will for you - right now? At this very second? Well, it's being the best child of God, the best daughter, the best sister, and the best friend you can be...and the best student you can be, too.

You're probably like, "Okay, so I get it, it's important, whatever, but I literally have so much math homework and it's exam week so I have history to study for and..." STOP!!! This is not helping anything! This is just going to overwhelm you and stress you out way too much. Instead, here is a handy lil step-by-step guide for getting you started on the path towards being done.

Step One

Run and get a pen. It has to be a cute pen, preferably a glitter pen, that has enough ink in it and won't dry out on you. While you're at it, grab a notebook. Got it? Great. On to step two.

Step Two

Scribble down everything that's stressing you out. Write all of the things you have to do today in school, but also scribble down the tiny stupid things too, like the fact that you just stubbed your toe and that you couldn't find your notebook because your little brother was using it as a frisbee in the basement. Done? That felt kind of good, didn't it? (I mean writing it all down, not stubbing your toe xD)

Step Three

Cross out all of the things you can't do anything about, give them to God, and pray for the grace to let them go. (Give God the stupid things too, because they aren't stupid to Him).

Now, on a new piece of paper, list the things you can do something about, in order from most important to least important. It should look something like this:

1. History test 27
2. Study for Spanish exam
3. Chemistry homework

Throw the old paper away.

Step Four

Take the first task on the list and break that one down into tiny little tasks. The more and smaller the tasks, the better. Here is an example

Geometry test 5

5-1     7 problems from workbook exercises
5-2     7 problems from workbook exercises
5-3     7 problems from workbook exercises
Take self-test 1
Review summery
Take and chapter test
Take chapter review
Practice and review theorems

Take test!

And put little checkboxes besides the tasks too, so that you can cross them off. It's a million times easier to face "do 7 problems from workbook exercises" then to face "geometry test 5", now, isn't it?!

Step Five

This is the fun part. Get set up! It's crucial that you find a desk or table in a quiet place. I get so distracted or tired when I am comfortable on the couch or in bed, and it's basically impossible to focus when my siblings are playing any game that has to do with lightsabers or football or...well, actually just anything. If you need to, just leave. Go to the library or a café.

Step Six

Did you find a desk? Kay, now clean it off. Put everything that you do not need in another room. Also make sure that there is enough light and that it is not too hot or too cold in the room. If it's too hot, find a little fan to keep on the desk, and if it's too cold, turn up the heat or put on a comfy sweatshirt. If you're hungry, eat something. Fill up a big water bottle and keep it on your desk.

Step Seven

Gather all of your materials. This can and should include some good strong coffee ;) You can get some study music pulled up on YouTube, too, if it helps. I like classical and soundtrack, because when the music has lyrics I have to dance or sing and neither are conducive to studying, unfortunately.

Step Eight

Now you can click the little red exit box on the browser window. I know you can do it! See it? Right there in the corner? Yeah, that thing. Go on, click it! Close the laptop and hide it (unless you need it for school). And get started! You can do this thing!

Best of luck,


P.S. Sorry for being that one super annoying blogger (especially in step 8 heehee)...but I hope this helped at least a little! I know it helped me! :D

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  1. This is great! I'd talk more but I'm going to put this post into action!

  2. That was actually super helpful to me! Though I`m still on Step Four right now. xP Guess it`s time to tackle those other steps now!! Great post, girl!! <3


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