I’m off to the theatre tonight!

Ahhh the theatre, a place where stories come to life and where your emotions will be shifted. This coming weekend I will be working on my theatre group’s senior show Noises Off which is a  hilarious British comedy about a play within a play. Every year the senior show is a dinner theatre which means they need servers to serve food for the audience and this is my first time doing it. The other night after the server training was over, we stayed to watch the last dress rehearsal of the show and I must say it was fantastic. The first act consists of the cast for the play within the play trying to finish their final dress rehearsal which is not going very well. People are forgetting their lines, romance between members is unraveling, the set needs fixing, and the director is completely  frustrated with all of it. Act two moves to a few weeks later when the show has been preformed a few times but the cast isn’t doing any better getting along. This act is seen from backstage as chaos erupts between the cast with props flying, love triangles breaking, missed ques, and a fire ax being tugged back and forth. Act three turns the set back to the front which I have not seen yet but I can guess that everything must finally break apart and come to an end. This play is for middle school and up because it has some mild language and some older themes but overall is a comedic farce worth seeing. Live theatre is something most people rarely get to see unless you live in a a city where theatre thrives but when you do have the opportunity to experience it, don’t miss out! This was the first time I heard or saw this play but I encourage you to explore the theatre opportunities in your area  and see if you can see a show of some sort yourself. On one more note, this production was modified some to remove the unnecessary parts but like I said the way my theatre group has done it is fabulous. I hope you enjoyed this post because once you’re in theatre, you really can’t stop from sharing it with others. It’s a beautiful art form like music or dance but I believe isn’t always appreciated enough. -Naomi


  1. Man....I want to see this play! I loooove a good stage production!


    1. Yes it is one of the best plays I’ve seen and watching the cast speak in British accents is great too!


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