Therapeutic writing

Hey everyone! This just happens to be my time to post so I thought I should share a thought I had on a way to work through your feelings or emotions. I know most of you are pretty avid writers but have you ever wrote something based on how you were feeling at the time? I’m going to guess you’ve probably done this to some extent before but as for those of us who don’t write very often, you should utilize writing for this purpose anyway. We write most often because we want to share stories and express different life lessons so I think it makes sense to also convey feelings or emotions too. There is someone in my theatre group I’ve been thinking about lately but I keep having conflicting emotions about taking to them. I just want to get it out so I’ve decided to write about it in a fictional story based on real life people I know. I believe this will help me to see inside my thoughts but also to think about how I want to handle this. I guess I really just wanted to share this because maybe you’re going through something similar and need a way to see things from above. I’m going to write this from someone else’s perspective but also I’m not planning on making it long unless it just happens that way. If you try this I don’t think it has to be long, it can be short but if it seems to lead to a deeper story than keep going! Emotions come in all shapes and sizes so let your story express that in full color and don’t forget to try looking at it from a new angle. I think I’ll share later with you what this does for me and maybe even share some things I’ve picked up on my own blog. (Peacocks for Life :p) I hope this helps you because at this age girls and drama just seem to inevitably collide and we all need a way to work through it.