2018, Look Out 'Cause Here I Come!

Hey Hey Hey everybody!  I feel like it's been forever since I've posted anything on here!  Anywho!  Gotta be honest with y'all, I could not come up with anything to really post.  I've been racking my brain all day trying to come up with something, but... It's just not working....

Well, at least, it wasn't.  I did come up with something, no worries.  ;)

aaaand, yes, I did actually title this post because I can't stop listening to "This Is Me" from "The Greatest Showman".  xD  :P

So!  Today's Post shouldn't be too long, so if y'all have the time to read past how far you've gotten now, don't you worry, there shouldn't be too much more.  :P  Anywhosies!  Let's get to it!

So, I'm not so sure how many of y'all do New Year's Resolutions, but for those of you who don't, I had a few ideas.  If you're one of those persons, perhaps you're wondering: "Why do people even bother with New Year's Resolutions?" Well, I'm not so sure about the rest of y'all, but long story short this is why I do:

It's a New Year.  A chance to live another Year accordingly to God's Will.  Perhaps, last year wasn't the best.  Last year, you had your flaws.  Last year, you had tough times.  You had your fair share of failures.  So, this New Year of 2018, you want to do better than you did in 2017.  You want to work through problems, you want to decrease your flaws; you want to be better than you were last year.

And that's why you make New Year's Resolutions.  To resolute yourself to becoming what you want to this year.  By decreasing all of those flaws you had last year.  By trying again when you fail.  By working through the tough times, and becoming all the closer to God.

Sometimes New Year's Resolutions get a little hyped up, I know.  Some New Year's Resolutions are a tad...unnecessary.  But, each year, you should be trying to do better.  Everyone makes mistakes.  I know for myself, 2017 was a tough school year for me.  I fell behind a bit, I procrastinated way too much.  So, one of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to stay focused on my school and to sustain from procrastination.

It's really not all that hard to stick to your New Year's Resolutions.  You just need to remind yourself of why you're doing what you're doing.  Why are you making these New Year's Resolutions?  Why are you sticking with them?  Why is this New Year so important to you?

If you haven't already, I suggest writing down your New Year's Resolutions as a reminder for you everyday.  It does work, I promise you.  And on that note, I believe it's time to hop back onto my schoolwork.  ;)  Happy 2018, y'all! <3

~What are some of y'all's New Year's Resolutions?  Comment below!



  1. haha, I'm slightly obsessed with that song as well, as well as that movie.

    I've got a whole list of goals (on both blogs) that I want to get accomplished this year. I like the daily reminder idea.

    Nice post!


    1. I mean, who can blame you? The movie and all the songs are amazing! I think "Tightrope" and "Never Enough" may be some of my favorites right now. ;)

      That's awesome! 2018 is gonna be a great year, no? :) Thank you so much! And thanks for reading!

  2. I like to make a goal for different aspects/topics: like physical goals, spiritual goals, school goals...

    *coughofcourseiforgottokeepupwiththemonjanurary2ndcough* lol sorry that was long

    1. That's an awesome idea, Mia! :D Hey, if you ever need any tips or help, you know where to find me. ;)

      Hahaha!! Don't worry, I did the same thing. ;) I didn't get a chance to write down my resolutions until about a week ago anyway. ;)

  3. Awesome post as usual, Emi!!!
    Well, my resolutions as pretty general: do better on school, less procrastinating, keep room and desk neater, pray more, sacrifice more, work harder on instruments, etc. I haven't really written them down though, so thanks for the tip! :))

  4. Awesome post as usual, Emi!!
    Well, my resolutions this year are pretty general: do better on school, less procrastinating, keep room and desk neater, pray more, sacrifice more, not so much time online, work harder on music, etc. I haven't written them down though, so thanks for the tip! :))

    1. Thanks, Zelie!!! <3
      Those sound extremely similar to mine. ;) Absolutely! What are older sisters for, am i right? ;)


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