Be The Master Of Your Own Schoolwork

I have to be honest, I'm not sure what to write, haha.  You ever get that sudden almost memory loss, and can't recall what you were going to blog about?  If not, never mind, forget that I mentioned it.  Because I probably sound like an idiot to you.  ;)  I had this great idea for a post last night, and even this morning.  Then, I came on, and completely forget it!  *ugh*  So, with not being able to remember, I suppose I'll just have to come up with something else fantastic.

You thought I was serious, didn't you?  I can't come up with anything fantastic--or anything, for that matter.  :P

Wait, yes I can!  I got it!  Genius idea!  ;)

I know that most of you fellow homeschoolers--and just schoolers in general!--are probably going through a lot of stress lately school-wise.  I, for one, have been.  And if none of you are, well, consider yourself extremely lucky.  ;)  School can be a trying thing to accomplish.  Falling behind, trying to get back on schedule.  It's all very bothersome, and extremely stressful.  So, I'm sorry to say, I'm not here to give tips on how to get rid of the stress.  No, but you can consider this post revolved around how to get ahead on all that schoolwork--in three simple tips.  Alrighty, then!  Let's get to it!  :D

~How to Get Ahead on Left Behind Schoolwork & All Other Schoolwork You Want to be the Master Of~

Tip 1)Focus.  Really, really focus.

    Really focusing. Not just "focusing" as in: "oh sure, I'll focus. I'll put on some of my favorite music, get some snacks, get a notebook handy in case I get a sudden brainstorm for my story...". No, by focus, I mean real focus, as in: "Okay, I'm going to sit down at my desk, and put my school before me. And finish these tests. I'm not going to get distracted, I'm not going to allow myself to procrastinate. I'm going to move ahead, and I'm going to finish early."  That's real focus.  Determination is real focus.

Tip 2)Say Bye-Bye to Unneeded/Unwanted Procrastination
     You want to move ahead.  You don't want to fall behind again.  So, what are you gonna do?  Give up, or move ahead?  Hopefully, you'd choose moving ahead.  ;)  You don't want school to be what brings you down to such a low state, that you never attempt trying again.  You want it to be the very reason why you try everything!  And why you never give up on your goals!    So, here is my suggestion: close the door, sit down at a desk, put your schoolwork in front of you, and get rid of that procrastination.  If there are any sorts of temptations of procrastination at that desk, get rid of them.  Literally.  If your worst procrastination is writing in your journal, hide the journals in your closet until you finish your scheduled goal of the day.  If your procrastination enemy is social sites, log out of them.  Don't allow yourself to get back onto them until you finish your goal of the day.  Or, better yet, take a break from unneeded sites.  Perhaps a few days will better enhance your determination to move ahead on more important things--so, yes, school.  ;)  If your procrastination enemy is books.  Hide the books in your closest.--or better yet, in another room entirely.  Etcetera, etcetera.....

Tip 3)Succeed Your Goals
     You are going to move ahead.  Kid, you'll move mountains!  ;)  (sorry, couldn't resist putting a Dr Seuss quote in here somewhere.  :P  )  Because, you're going to be the winner of the battle!  The battle between procrastination and determination.  The battle between moving ahead and falling behind....etc...etc...  You are not going to fail.  Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will get perfect grades on all your schoolwork.  No, if I knew how to do that, I would be living the dream.  ;)  It simply means that you will not fail to encourage your determination.  And that matters a lot right now. You will not be perfect with all your schoolwork.  You will not get perfect grades.  It's time to face facts.  I'm here to help, not to get your hopes up and make you believe that if you listen to me, you'll get nothing but A+'s from now on.  But, I can tell you this, if you do these things, you will get better.  Not only better at overcoming procrastination, but better at everything.  If you plant an idea into your head, it will slowly start to grow.  So, plant the idea of motivation, determination, and faith in yourself. Tell yourself that you're going to overachieve those goals.  Then, soon enough, you won't need to be telling yourself.  You'll be showing yourself.  You'll be acting it so well, that the idea of telling yourself daily will no longer be necessary.

~Now, hopefully I have at least slightly inspired one of you.  If not, well...that's okay.  I can honestly say, I've almost inspired myself.  I'm off to go get that History Test done!  :D  ;)

Please let me know if these tips helped any of you out.  And, please let me know what you thought of the post!  See y'all around!



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    1. Absolutely, Cecilia! Hopefully I didn't bore you to death with my nonsensical rambling. :P

    2. Actually, I really needed to hear that at this moment, so you are awesome xD


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