We're Thankful! // A Thanksgiving Special

(for the privacy of the girls, I am writing down their name as their display names. I have not edited what they have said)

I'm thankful for.... 

MoDG buddies
M4M Girls

~ Marius & Cosette

Let me see. The first thing that comes to my mind are my friends. So yeah, I am thankful for my friends. 

Also I am thankful for weekends. :P 
Did I mention friends? :P Seriously though, I can't stress the fact enough that without my friends I- well yeah, would maybe not be the person I am today. <3

~ Esmerelda

Like, Esmerelda said. I'm most thankful for my friends, especially my new ones on MODG. I hate thinking where I would be if I hadn't met you guys. You have no idea how much you guys saved me. For that, I'll always be eternally grateful. :)

~ Jojo

I am thankful for all of my MODG/M4M friends too!! ;)

And for easy exercises in Latin! ;)

~ margarettherese

I am thankful for my grandpa and grandma. I luv them both to death <3 Also my fam (of course). And also for friends, can't forget them :P Especially those who have really helped me through a recent passing of a close relative.

~ Gidget

I'm thankful for the life God has blessed me with, because without it I wouldn't have the amazing people that I've met, and I wouldn't have the experiences I've been able to have. :)

~ So I'm Lindsay

I'm thankful for my friends. :) I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for them. Especially Serena she is like my sister but better. ;P 

And I'm really thankful for my mom. She's awesome. ;P

~ nuttynovelnerd

Oh, I am also thankful for my brothers. Though they can be meh sometimes, I don't know what I would do without them. <3 Also a couple friends who are like older brothers to me.

~ Esmerelda

I am thankful for my amazing MoDG friends <333 

I agree Esmerelda, although my brothers can annoy the heck out of me at times, I am so thankful for them. They really are amazing<3 (I would never put this on the MoDG PBs since my brothers on there. Don't tell them I said that about them! :P)

I am also thankful for Joy inviting me to join the Maidens for Mary, thank you Joy!!! <333333

~ Natalie<3

When prayers are answered :)

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream
Listening to Contemporary Christian Music
Playful teasing
Imagining myself in the place of the characters in the novel I'm writing
Fangirling about Ani!!!!!! :D
Chatting with friends
Getting genuine compliments
Peaceful, restful time alone
Snuggling up with my writing or books I'm reading
When people are happy to see me
Much, much more!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :)

~ margarettherese

I am thankful for; my amazing family, friends, all you guys, my faith and being able to live such an amazing life!!!!! :)

~ Bella

I am thankful for THANKSGIVING BREAK and writing time ;)


~ margarettherese

 ~I am so thankful for my amazing family. I am so thankful that I was born into a devout Catholic family

~I am soooo thankful for my awesome church and for all our wonderful priests. <3
~I am thankful for all my friends, especially the ones I've made on MODG and on here this year. :) (Titi, Ceci, Kiki, Jojo, and EVERYONE ELSE!) :D I am soooo blessed to have met y'all, I literally don't know what I'd do without y'all to talk to and fangirl with. ;) :P
~I am thankful that I'm going to the Formal and M4L and will be able to meet everyone else who's going!

~ Gabrielle

What are you thankful for? Tell us in the comment! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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