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Hey hey hey, everybody!  Hope y'all are doing fantastic!  I have been far too excited/anxious to do this post, gotta be honest. ;)  Okay, really though, before I start rambling on and on and on and on about my excitement, maybe we should just get to the point, eh?  :P

Alrighty then!  So, I was tagged by Cecilia do this "Evil Author tag".  And, obviously I was far too excited to wait to post it.  ;)  Anywho!  The rules go as followed:

#1: Give all credit to the overlord and creator of the tag, Kate
#2: Give some credit to the one who tagged you.  Thanks, Cecilia!  <3
#3: Tag at least two people.  And I will be tagging Brigit from Maiden's for Mary, and Claire.  (Gonna warn you all right here and now, Claire is a legit-no-kidding-real-author, so I'm fairly positive her answers may or may not be the best.)  And, as far as Claire goes, I never did get a reply from her....so, here's hoping she's not gonna kill me, lol!  xD  Really though, Claire if you don't want to do this, do not, in any way, feel obligated. (:

Alrighty then!  Let us begin!

1. How many characters do you typically kill per book? And how many people have you killed in real life, dear? Do you… feel any remorse about this? I’m concerned about you.

Per book?  *maniacal laugh*  All of them.

Kidding!  It sorta varies for me.  Some stories of mine, nearly everyone dies, others I kill hardly anyone. So, really, it depends.  And in real life?  Every person I've ever encountered.

Just kidding!  I haven't ever killed anyone in real life.  Don't believe me, eh?  Clearly, I need to hide my sarcasm better.

2. Do you prefer to use weapons of mass destruction like explosions and famine and world war or more personal torture like killing family and friends and pets?

Well...I've got to be honest, it's hard to make that decision.  See, I usually use some sort of personal torture, but on rare occasions, I prefer to use weapons of mass destruction.  To narrow it down to one answer, I guess that I'd have to go with....er....why is this so difficult?!?!?!....eehhhmmm....  Personal torture.  Gotta be truthful, that does seem to be the most frequently used in my books.

3. Are you more like Loki, who perpetrates great evil with a creepy grin, or… give me a minute… Darth Vader, who secretly weeps inside his… fake head, whilst destroying the world?

Loki.  100% Loki.  (how is that even a question?!)  ;)

4. What is the most dastardly crime you have ever committed as a writer?

Oooooooh, now that.  That is difficult to say.... hmmm.... I mean, I once had the main character lose his parents and older sister at the same time in a terrible, devastating manner.  Then, had his brother and sister(the one who survived, not the one who died) hate him so much that they hardly ever spoke to him, or made eye-contact with him. Then, let his older brother beat him up from time to time.  And let his sister ignore him basically everyday of his life.  Then let the older brother get the main character involved in a terrible crime that he wasn't supposed to be.  Then let his only siblings and best friend die. So, he became an orphan.

But, does that even count?  I mean, it doesn't sound all that terrible of a crime, right?  xD

5. What kind of chocolate do you most like to devour as you burn things? White, milk, semisweet, or dark? Bonus points if you are so evil you find unsweetened cacao palatable!

Dark chocolate.  Absolutely without a second thought to that question, dark chocolate.

6. What is your villainous title? You may not have “Evil Overlord” because that one’s mine.

"Dickens' Evil Twin"

I get told 24/7 that I write like Charles Dickens, but perhaps a tad more morbid.....so....

It may not sound evil, but hey it works, right? xD

7. Which of your characters would actually be a match for you if you were to duke it out one on one?

Hmmmm....*goes into deep thinking*

I would have to say...probably....  My character Daimhin.  Because, quiet though she may seem, the more you get to know her, the more sarcastic she appears.  Also because she's one of the sweetest most kindest characters I've ever come to know.  And obviously that's me to a T.

Kidding!  Sheesh, I gotta stop being so sarcastic in front of everyone.  xD

8. Which character, in all the many books you have undoubtedly written, is most likely to be your Archnemesis?

I'd probably have to say my character named Rolph.  Because, at first appearance, you love him for his loyalty, then when you come near the end *BAM* *PLOT TWIST* he's working for the bad guy!  It's awful 'cause you first end up almost falling in love with him, then when you find out that he's a TOTAL TRAITOR, you just end up wanting to kill him for all the EVIL THINGS HE'S DONE!

Okay, I'm done ranting.  XD

9. Do you wear a cape? Face paint? A mask? Special underpants? Or do you hide in plain sight… like Moriarty? Give me details!

I hide in plain sight like Moriarty.  Now you see me, now you don't.

10. How do you react when you have to kill off a character that is dear to you? Do you laugh evilly out loud? Do you chuckle under your breath and quickly glance around for your next victim? Do you go and weep in a corner for a month because you just lost a best friend? Or do you just shrug indifferently?

In all honesty, if it's a character that annoys me, I laugh evilly out loud.

I told you, I really am an evil author.  xD

11. If you had to choose a fictional villain (from book, movies, etc.) to sum up your villainous style as an evil writer, who would it be? Why?

Oooh, that's a toughie.  *eeeeeeerggggh*  difficult decisions!!  I think it'd have to be either Regina from "Once Upon A Time", or Morgana from "Merlin"...  hmmmm....You know, I think I'd have to say Regina from Once Upon A Time.  Because she's so secretively evil, and a terrific actress at hiding her emotions, and yet caring for the few people who matter to her, and extremely helpful from time to time.  She's daring and unafraid....aaaaand just because she's so dang evil overall.  :P

12. Do you believe in killing off main characters, or are they your smol precious babies whom you cannot even fathom laying a hand (or steel-tipped ax) upon? (#wimpyevilwriter)

I totally believe in killing off the main characters.  All the best books end with the main character dying.

Listen, I got to make my readers hate me cry one way or another, right?  XD

13. Have you ever chickened out of your evilness and tried to resurrect a fallen character whom you have already brutally murdered? Or do you–as they say–let the sleeping skeleton lie?

I did once, actually.  (embarrassed to admit it, but yes...I have chickened out!)  I was going to kill one of my favorite characters, then decided not to because I loved him too much.  :P

14. When murdering a character, do you often describe it in cringe-worthy detail, or do you prefer to say “SPLAT! He’s dead”, and be done with it? (Bonus Question: have you ever actually said “SPLAT! He’s dead” in one of your writing projects?)

Oh, it's always cringe-worthy details.  Aaaaand, nope!  Never said that before.

~Well, there're my answers!  *eeek*  I sound like a terrible authoress now.  *whoopsiedaisy*  Anywho!  I hope the two whom I've tagged enjoy answering these questions as much as I did, and I hope that y'all have a very happy Monday!

<3always: Emily


  1. Awesome answers Emily xD I loved your sarcasm :D

    1. Haha! Thanks, Cecilia! xP Oh, that. You noticed, huh? XD

  2. Oh yes, this tag is perfect for sarcastic writers. *wink*


    1. It is, indeed. But, I don't know what you're talking about, I'm not sarcastic at all.

      .....kidding! ;) XD

  3. Hilarious, Emi xD xD

  4. LOL, Emi!!!!! I love love it!!! It`s great!! And hehe, that Loki question!!!! :D :D <3 <3

    1. Zelie!!! Hahaha! Thanks, girlie. :P right? I mean, seriously, what kind of question was that? Who wouldn't choose Loki? XD <3

  5. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I finally did the tag! :) Thanks for the shoutout! I had fun with it.


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