Stress-Relief, Thankfulness, & Hi, I'm Emily!

Hello there, everyone!  Before I begin my long rant post, I'd like to officially introduce myself.  I'm Emily.

well, there isn't much else to say.  Other than, I'm super excited to be here, and overjoyed that I was chosen to take over Emma's place. *cue the awkward happy dance*

Just a quick heads-up: what you're gonna be hearing from me will be lots of advice, opinions, endless famous quotes, possible reviews...etc...etc...

Anywho!  Now that you know how crazy I am--er, I mean...Now, that you know who I am...  I'll stop the talking of myself, and continue the long post as mentioned. ;)

Sometimes life is hard. Trust me, I know. Life can hurt. Life can be painful. Life can be trying. Life can be overwhelming. And stressful. Life can be stressful... Whether it's small things occurring in your everyday life that's getting you down/stressing you out, or just life in general. Life can be tough. Life can be really, really hard. Life can just really stress you out at times. Days begin to feel a lifetime; an eternity. Everyday seems to linger on & on & on. And at certain times, the stress is just overbearing. Sometimes you break right along with it. You spend the night in tears; sobbing yourself to sleep. You feel terrible: nearly useless. You feel ridiculous and immature for allowing your emotions to get the best of you. And yet, still, you cry...

But, tell me, what are tears going to give you? (Aside from a fair headache.) How will sobs mend the wound? How will crying stop the hurt; stop the stress?

They won't.

I know only too well how stressful life can be. I know exactly what it feels like to appear pointless; to cry yourself to sleep every night. I know what it's like for a day to feel a month. A month to feel a year. A year to feel an eternity. I know how stressful life can truly be. And I know what it's like to break right along with it.

But, I've also learned something. When it comes to stress, I've found that there are two things that you can do. The way I see it, you can either break with it, or break through it.

It's all up to you to to find a cure for the stress; to find a remedy for the hurt; to find the joy in everyday; to really appreciate everything life gives you.

Yes, life can be stressing. Life can be hard. Life can hurt. Life can be painful. Life can be tough. Life can be trying. Life can be overbearing. But if you stop and take it all in, I think you'll find that life is beautiful.

I know that some days just feel awful. They seem to last forever. They seem to only worsen with each one... But everyday is a gift. Even the most terrible days have some good in it. If you try hard enough, I think you can find a bit of good in everyday.

Each day we live and breathe is a blessing. It is, truly, a gift. One of the most gorgeous gifts God will ever give to you is this life.

He meant it just for you. And you alone.

Only you can live your life.

Just thinking about it is almost relieving. Knowing that is almost...uplifting. It makes you feel important. Makes you feel loved. Makes you feel special. And you should. You should feel important. You should feel loved. You should feel special. Because you are. We all are.

God put you where you are for a reason. God gave you your life not to mourn over how hard, how trying, how painful, how stressful it can be...but to turn to Him when it is.

Prayer, dear reader. Prayer is the best form of stress-relief. Prayer is talking to God. Prayer is listening to God. Prayer is confiding in Him, and asking Him for His guidance. So, I implore you...pray. Pray for aid, pray for guidance. Pray for courage, pray for strength. And be thankful unto Him for answering and hearing your every prayer.

Your life is so beautifully amazing. Your life is gorgeous. Your life is awesome! Your life is breathtakingly stunning. You are stunning.

So, be thankful, dear reader. Be truly thankful. Not just for the seemingly important things in this life, but for everything. For every tiny little thing God has ever given to you. For this life is a gorgeous gift from God.

So, my main advice to you is to simply:

Begin each morning & end each night with a prayer of Thanksgiving on your lips...


~Stay strong~



  1. Nice first post Emily!! Everyone needs to hear this message at least once in a while!
    Here's to trusting that God has our happiness in mind!!


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