Girls, it doesn't matter if everyone likes you.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is probably the second day of school for some of you and you're also probably wondering why there was no new post on Monday. Sorry about that, I've been under the weather the past couple days but I'm here now! I hope this post makes you all feel a bit more confident after you read it.

I am still going to talk about music today but one song in particular that you might not have heard before. My sister first showed it to me a couple weeks ago and I can't stop listening to it or thinking about it now. When I first listened to it I never even heard of the artist before but the song sure did wake me up. It was called Might Not Like Me by Brynn Elliott and this girl really hasn't made that many songs, just a few actually. I'll be honest, when I first heard it I really didn't think about the lyrics very much on till later. The beat was good and I liked her voice but the more I listened to the song the more I really understood what she was saying. The whole song is about how you might be faster in the neighbor's pool or quicker on the playground or maybe even braver than others but why does that matter? I mean think about this, really think about it. Why does it matter that you're better at something than someone else? Today so many people care what others think about them or worry that others are judging them for doing something better or worse than someone else. The girl starts out singing about her boyfriend who broke up with her and she doesn't know why. She then realizes that it's because she better at some things than him and he couldn't deal with it! She doesn't care though and says that if you don't like girls who can do stuff better than you, well then you might not like me. She isn't bragging about it though just simply saying that some people don't like others that can do things better than them and it's very true. She goes on to say to him that she will take him back if he just lays down his pride and wipes the tear from his eye. Girls, don't ever let a guy hold you down like that or complain that you're better at things than him. Every girl is good at something and we oftentimes are braver or more daring or maybe even stronger than some guys but that's just who we are. The right guy will respect you and won't care if you can do stuff better than him. That also goes for some guys too and we should respect them for it as well. I want you all to realize that not everyone will like you for who you are and what you're capable of but don't stop being yourself because of it. No matter what! You are special and wonderful and will be some amazing person one day because God is going to take you there. Although you are amazing now and can do so many awesome things! I really want everyone who reads this to go listen to this song and buy if you can because it really gives all girls a confidence boost!

Thanks for reading and go out and be brave, bold, happy, and just the way you are!

P. S. Sorry I didn't have a picture of the song cover, I still need to figure out how to get that on here.