Raise Support For Texas! {Giveaway Announcement}

     Everyone has probably heard of the hurricane which has swept across Texas leaving devastation in its tracks. Texas has been in our prayers, both for the safety of its people, and for our family in the city of Houston, which might be the city that has been hit the worst.

     Now, many of you may not know this, but my mom is the owner of Hair Bows 4 Life. And, in support of Texas, she has made the Texas Lone Star Bow

     (Taking her description from her website) It is a:

     "Texas Lone Star bow is a 4'white burlap ribbon bow on a 7' Navy grosgrain ribbon cheer-dance bow style with a red star in the center and a mini blue medal of the Miraculous medal." 

     As you can tell by the photo, it is quite beautiful. All the money from the sale of this bow will go to the Catholic Charities in Houston. So, you will be helping Houston and getting a beautiful bow. Win-Win, no?

    Now, what if I told you that you could win a free one? 

    Yep, you heard right, you can will a free Texas Lone Star Bow. My mom isn't doing the giveaway, we are here through Maidens for Mary. 

    And the giveaway is called . . .

     Okay, so the point of the giveaway is to bring more attention to M4M and other blogs that we support (I'll list those soon).

     There are eight ways to win points. And, the person with the most points at the end of two weeks, will receive a free Texas Lone Star Bow. 

     Alas, due to monetary concerns, I am only able to send the prize to US residents. But, even if you do not live in the US, please feel free to participate!

     The ways to earn points are:

     1: If you recommend the blog to someone and they view it=25 pts
     2: If you recommend the blog to someone and they follow/subscribe=100 pts
     3: If you haven't followed/subscribed to the blog yet and you do=75 pts
     4: If you recommend the blog to someone and they comment= 25 pts
     5: If you comment on the blog= 25 pts
     6: If you tell someone about the Texas Lone Star Bow and they buy one= 150 pts (150 pts for each bow they buy)
     7: If you buy a Texas Lone Star Bow=150 pts (150 pts for every bow you buy)
     8: If you tell a Catholic girl about the M4M forum and she signs up= 100 pts

     Very well. You also get points if you do ways 1-5 to these two blogs also:

     You must keep track of your own points. And, you must email me at: cecim4m@gmail.com with the number of your points by Midnight, September 15th, 2017 in order for your points to count. If the email is sent after, I'm afraid I can't count it.

     Well, thank you! And please participate in the giveaway!



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