Goodbye's and Hello's and I'm sure there's a LotR quote for this...

Hey girls! Sorry that we didn't post this week. We (meaning me) forgot to get the schedule out.


Anywhoosies. As you can tell by the title, we have some important news. Unfortunetly, our beloved Emma will not be able to post anymore because of school.

And I did use two Lord of the Rings gifs in a row, awesome huh? (I'm totally kidding)
Thank you sooooo much Emma for everything you have done! You were the first person that responded to my crazy email when this first started. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND.

BUT! We have a new addition! As her replacement (although nobody could replace her), Emma nominated her friend Emily. And, of course, we (I) said yes! WELCOME EMILY!!

I haven't gotten to know you yet, but I'm sure we will all be friends!

Well, that's all till Monday!


  1. Aw, thanks! <3
    I really enjoyed helping out with this blog and am so, so sorry to go!
    I'll do my best to stay in touch with the group and will definitely stick around for everything to come!
    Super excited!!


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