Music from the Movies

Hey everyone! I'm excited to be blogging again and my post today is going to be a bit different. I am a pretty big fan movies especially the action/adventure type as some of you may know but there is one thing I hope everyone notices when they watch any kind of movie. The music and soundtrack. Every movie has a unique music score and helps to tell the story of the movie, from big orchestras to maybe just some piano music in the background. Some of you might wonder why music is so important to a movie but let me tell you this. If you watched your favorite movie today and took out the soundtrack you would notice something was missing. Even if your someone who doesn't ever really pay attention to the music most of the time you would still know something was wrong. Now let's say you watched that same movie again with the soundtrack back in and you decided to pay attention to the music while you watched. You would definitely hear and see a difference in the movie. Here's why: without music you lose a sense of emotion for the story and the characters as well. Movies and TV shows need to be able to share a sense of emotion and set the mood for the story but it's hard to without a good soundtrack to accompany. Here's an example, most of you I'm sure have seen Star Wars or at least heard of it know that it has one of the greatest music scores in the history of  movies. That's because they utilized their orchestra and made Star Wars what it was by making epic music to go with it. Star Wars fans across the world would probably have a hay day if Disney decided to take out the music score from the upcoming movie in December. That's because Star Wars isn't the same without it's music. So now that I've explained why you need music let me say a few things about how they use it. For one thing you need a loud and big track to go along with that epic battle scene so that your sitting on the end dge of your seat while you're watching. I'm sure you could all think of a movie with that type of scene and you watched in amazement or horror as the battle went on. Now think of that sad romantic scene with the soft beautiful music as the hero or romantic antagonist is about to die or leave. You can't help but feel what they feel and it may make you cry. Or maybe that scene where one of the characters it's doing something mischievous and is about to achieve their goal when it all goes wrong and you can't help but laugh. When these things happen then the movie producers and music composers know they did their job right. I hope you all learned something about music today and enjoyed this post! Just remember now that movies would be all the lesser for it without music to help tell the story and send you to a galaxy far, far away....... or maybe a parallel earth where you work on a rock farm.

P. S. Just throwing in some movie/tv references! ;)


  1. So true! Wonderful post! Was the rock farm a reference to MLP?


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