Young Inspiration

Lauren Daigle is a wonderful Christian artist and a good inspiration to me. She has a beautiful voice to start with, a big heart and wonderful music too that she decided to share with the world. A few years ago she released her first album called How Can It Be and I must say, the first time I heard it I was in awe by her voice and passion for Christ! Never had I heard such powerful words in a song and I instantly fell in love with her music. My favorite song is Loyal but I'm not going to lie, all of her songs are amazing plus very inspiring. Loyal speaks of how God's love is loyal and unfailing, and we can never break His promises. God will always keep His promises to us and we should never doubt Him but it can be hard sometimes especially when we feel like He won't give us what we need. He answers our prayers in His own way sometimes and we can't always see that He is fulfilling His promise to us to answer our prayers! Another great song called Trust In You talks about just what it's called, trusting in Him. Things can get rough and we can feel as if we're drowning but God is always there and all we have to do is trust in Him to the end! He will always provide for us and I feel like I'm learning that more. Something that I've noticed about Lauren is that when she sings you can really hear and feel how much she cares about God and how much she loves Him. There's so much passion in her voice and even though I'm not a great singer I always try to remember to sing with as much volume as I can for God. No matter where we go or what we do we need to remember to keep singing to God with all of our heart and to remember that He loves us so much and cares deeply. He never changes and Lauren Daigle she sharing that with the world so that we might be inspired by her music to keep on trusting and singing to Him! May God bless you all!


  1. Ah, Lauren Daigle. I fell in love with her captivating voice and passionate music the first time I heard it!


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