Music with Purpose

Hello everyone! Music is something that I've always loved and one of my favorite artists is Lindsey Stirling, for two reasons. One, she is a wonderful violin player and two, she's very passionate about what she does. She has three very good albums but my favorite one is her most recent album called Brave Enough which is filled I think, with the most passion yet. Lindsey combines her violin music with different beats and other sounds to create what the music wold calls EDM music but also allows other artists to sing on some of her songs but most of them it's just her playing. So I should continue on with her new album because as I said she put a lot of time and heart into it making it very popular this year. My three favorite ones are Lost Girls, The Phoenix, and Something Wild, (which I must say are very energetic!) Lost Girls she said is about how we are all in a sense lost, life is about finding out who we are and making the choice not to hide from those hard things and it's those who realize that they are lost who will find there way. I think that makes a lot of sense because we will have trouble and the road ahead is not easy but we as Christians must always trust and turn to God for help, especially us teenagers with all the temptations there are! The Phoenix she says (which by the way is my favorite mythical creature) tells when we dare greatly, there is a possibility that we might fail and we have to accept that it might happen because victory isn't given to those that never seem to fail but to those that learn to rise from the ashes. And finally Something Wild she says, gives us the simple message that it may be easy to take the safe route but however there is great fulfillment and adventure when we go the other way, try something new and follow are inner voice. So to conclude my blog for today let me just say that she has her heart in the right place and actually is a believing Christian so I encourage you to go look her up and I look forward to my next blog!


  1. I loved your explanations of her music and I'm going to listen them in a new way! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love her too!! Thanks! This was great :)


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