An Introduction to Make-up

Hey everyone! It's Maddie. I'm 16 and I will be giving beauty and makeup tips!

So being a teenage girl often times I hear from other girls different opinions on makeup.

It can be one of these common ideas involving questions like "do I want to wear makeup?" "How much is too much" and "why wear it at all?"

And to answer these questions we need to think about what the purpose of makeup really is. Often, our culture portrays makeup as a way to hide your "true looks" and "change yourself." Just look at any makeup ad, youtube video, or Instagram post and see how much our society has gotten wrapped up in the makeup industry. The main products the industry tries to push for are gaudy lipsticks, highlighters, fake eyelashes,  fake eyebrows, and winged eyeliner. All of these thing seem to have a "fake" twang to them right. Not to mention they can charge you $100 + for some products. And after reading this you may be thinking "oh well I guess she doesn't wear makeup." But that would be entirely false.

Winged eyeliner is a "fad "
Rainbow highlighter (????)
The truth is, I do wear make- up. But not in the exact way or for the exact reason of society. I wear make-up for a few reasons.  1. Enhance my natural beauty. 
2. To protect my skin as many make-up products also have SPF properties.

  You see make- up should not be used to change ourselves or to hide ourselves entirely from others.

 I believe make-up should be used to enhance our natural beauty. Because we were made in the image and likeness of God, we are called to express beauty through Him. This means that we can use make-up to an extent, but we must remember that true beauty is in our souls and that we should not allow our exterior looks to let us become vain.

Also, if you have good make-up it will also have SPF which will help to enhance your natural beauty as well. SPF will prevent your skin from getting sunburnt which will make it look healthy even when you are not wearing make-up. 

So now to the question, how much is too much make- up? For me a general rule of thumb is if you put on so much that you are no okay if people see you without it, then you are too obsessed and you are afraid to reveal what you are really like to others. If you are okay with other see if you without make-up then you are good to go. If you keep this in mind, then you will know in specific situation when it feels relevant for you to wear make up.

Now I am going to recommend a few products I use daily. These are just good products to use for if you want to venture out and try make- up, but don't want it to be crazy or expensive or gaudy. I will give specific tips for different parts of you face in later posts.

BB cream- by Maybelline. This is probably the most expensive item I use in my daily make- up routine (about $8). It is basically a tinted sunscreen. So it does different things such as hydrating your skin, blurring imperfections, and having sun protection of SPF 30. It still gives a little bit of coverage but not too much that it looks like your face is "cakey" because it is not a foundation. (Also comes for ache prone skin😉)

Concealer- I would only recommend if you have lots of acne or dark circles under your eyes. If you have either those things only use it in those areas, not all over your face. I'm still trying to figure out which brand of concealer I like best. Try and find one that matches your color, otherwise it will either make your dark circles look darker or you will look really pale. If you don't have acne or dark circles I wouldn't worry about it.

Simple eye makeup look
Twinkle Pink e.l.f  blush
Blush- by e.l.f (color twinkle pink)- I like this blush because it is not too expensive ($3). This color is good because it's a nice pink but so much that it makes your face look red. Blush is a good way to give your face a little bit of natural color (since blushing if a natural thing anyway)
Eye-shadow - pretty much just for special occasions if you're allowed. Stick to very neutral colors like light Browns and maybe a pink.

My face, no makeup at all
My face, daily makeup- using
 exact products
mentioned above
Mascara- so with mascara it kind of depends on your age and on how much you want to wear or if you wear any. I would suggest if you're starting with mascara go with a clear or a brown. Then after using that for a while if you still want a little bit more go out with a black. The key with mascara that was not to do too much otherwise your eyelashes will look thick and clumpy.

Overall moderation is key. 


  1. Nice post Maddie! Thanks for all the info!

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  3. An interesting thing I found out yesterday whilst talking with my mom about this kind of thing, is that St. Thomas Aquinas said that women may be permitted to wear makeup so long as it is not "for sensuous pleasure or in disdain for God." That might not be exact, but he was basically saying what you're saying here. Great work, and God bless! ~Audra

    1. Wow, that's really interesting to know! It seems like St..Thomas has words of wisdom for practically everything!

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  5. Great post! I only wear makeup to enhance my natural beauty too, although I do wear some unnatural lipstick colors just for fun (bright reds, pinks, and purples). I also use some concealer, powder, mascara, blush, and eyebrow fill, and that's it. I'm really too broke to afford anything else anyway! :P

    But I loved this post, and totally agree with it. You're also really pretty in both pictures! :)


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