Our Mission

Maidens For Mary was started so that we, as Catholic teenage girls, can have someone to talk to that knows the struggles of being a teenage girl, and trying to live a pure lifestyle.

So often are girls told that they don't measure up to the standards of the world. And so often do girls believe it, and try to fit in instead of ignoring what the world says.


And the forum really does serve its purpose by encouraging other girls. One girl said this: "And I think people who aren't drop dead gorgeous deserve a little extra credit, because in my experience, they have to maintain their confidence without the help of good looks, at least during the phase when you're extra insecure."

If you want to join the forum, click here. It is safe, we have good Catholic moderators. 

Our mission  is to encourage girls that they are good enough and that it is possible to live a pure life in today's culture. 

So, we hope that you keep reading this blog and that you would consider joining our forum! Thanks!

~The Maidens For Mary Staff